About Us

What were you doing back in 1974?

Quinte Computer Services Ltd. More than four decades ago we were just launching our Enterprise software solutions for businesses large and small. That was before most businesses even had computers and was also even before people starting using acronymns and buzzwords like ERP, MRP, CRM, BI, SCM, etc., etc. Back then our “industry” was all about developing business software that provided solutions to common business challenges.

From the first day that our IBM 360’s were turned on in the early 1970’s we have always been the pioneer and leader in Software-As-A-Service and Cloud Computing technologies. In the early days, we developed our Enterprise solutions to operate on punch-card based mainframe computers that took up the space of a small house. The air conditioning units were sometimes the size of a small SUV. Our customers connected to us through 1200 and 2400 Baud modems. As technologies were developed, we then moved to mini computers that weren’t always so mini and were made by companies that don’t even exist anymore. Our customers continued to connect to us from their remote locations. Client-Server technologies became extremely popular throughout the late 80’s and 90’s and even this past decade with the rise of multi-purpose networks, servers and workstations. We led the way by offering systems that could be connected by data circuits using IP technologies and early forms of the Internet. We weren’t so much client-server based, since we still believed in Cloud Computing but we were happy to take advantage of the vast networks and Internet technologies that were being developed. We always believed that having the thinest possible installation on the client side greatly reduced IT demands for patches and upgrades on client systems, crashes due to incompatible installations and the ever evolving operating system upgrades. That’s why even today our software technologies continue to operate as Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) and based on the increasingly popular Cloud Computing strategy. Almost forty years later, we are still the pioneers that we always have been.

Quinte Computer Services Ltd. (QCS) was incorporated in 1974, and continues to be a premier developer of Enterprise systems for small to mid-sized distribution and manufacturing organizations. During our history QCS has led the Enterprise software industry in the development and adoption of advanced technologies to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency for our customers. Quinte Computer Services Headquarters

Our most recent Enterprise software, Solentris, is a full featured suite of applications, that incorporate distribution and warehouse management, order processing, purchasing, supply chain, CRM, financial management, and a variety of user-based application tools. What makes Solentris particularly powerful, is the fact that it operates using Internet technologies which increases its availability to authorized users from any location. It also contains a fully integrated Virtual Manager, which operates as a user’s own personal assistant by monitoring the organization’s business activity, and presenting clear and accurate alerts supported by detailed online reports that are relevant to each individual user’s requirements.

The result of this evolution of software and expertise, complemented by our adoption and development of leading technologies, combined with superior customer service and our ability to customize our software quickly and efficiently, are the primary reasons that QCS has systems implemented throughout North America and around the world.