Custom Applications

Solentris Customization   Quinte Computer Services Ltd. has been developing custom database applications for more than three decades. Our customized solutions have been implemented into many different industries and organizations around the world including Financial, Manufacturing, Service Center and Knowledge Retention. In addition, our Solentris solutions can be customized to work with other corporate IT systems to share and exchange information. For many businesses, implementing extremely large enterprise systems throughout their entire organization can be costly, time consuming and, in some cases, disruptive. That’s why many have chosen a customized Solentris solution or a custom designed application that can easily share information with their main Enterprise systems.

What makes a QCS developed customized solution the right choice for your organization?

  • Your organization will not have to purchase and install your own hardware to operate our solutions. All that your users will require is an Internet browser to access your software solution.
  • We use the Internet to make your software solution available to your organization. This is particularly powerful for organizations with multiple locations.
  • Our customized solutions can be designed and implemented fast. Our solution development timelines are measured in days, not months or years.
  • We have decades of experience integrating and sharing data with a wide variety of corporate Enterprise systems, no matter how large.
  • Our solutions enable you to easily export data into spreadsheets and PDF formats.
  • We won’t bury you and your staff in meetings and consultations. We quickly work to understand your requirements and ask relevant and knowledgeable questions. Our database technologies are so flexible that it is very easy for us to quickly develop mockups and samples to assist everyone in testing out strategies and processes.

Here is what other customers have done with our customized solutions:

Integration with 3rd party systems.
   Solentris operates on a very flexible platform that allows for the exchange of data between 3rd party systems very easily. During the past three decades, we have exchanged and processed data from many of the world’s largest ERP systems used by many of the world’s largest organizations. Large organizations like to work with us because we can easily adapt to their data mapping and transactional requirements permitting them to continue to use their standard processes without any major changes. These types of situations have led to Solentris being implemented in many smaller markets for major multi-national organizations where the costs of implementating the primary ERP system were too cost prohibitive.

Multi-site Bill of Material Systems
   We developed a comprehensive Bill of Material system to be used by an organization with multiple manufacturing sites around North America. They benefit from using one system and multiple data files to keep processes consistent between manufacturing plants. Each site needs only to have Internet access and proper security to access the system and use the software. This Bill of Material add-on was integrated into Solentris to take advantage of many of the core Solentris features.

Extensive Product Knowledge Base and Management System.
   An International organization was looking for an extremely advanced product knowledge base to store key product information associated with their raw material sourcing, reference details on product chemical compositions, product specifications based on testing, and product storage by category. This module was integrated into Solentris to take advantage of Internet accessibility, remote management of the data, and to utilize the security required to limit access to key information.

Fully integrated Manufacturing systems.
   A North American organization with several plants and distribution points around North America uses Solentris to manage their Accounting requirements, and also uses complex manufacturing and bill of material processes to manage one of their primary production facilities.

Survey systems.
   Several organizations were looking for a method to generate online exams and surveys, so that their customers could achieve proper certifications. We developed a system that would allow companies to custom-design and implement their own online surveys, and gather key response information. They can also take advantage of online survey results reporting capabilities, including pass/failure rates, question by question response analysis, generation of certificates and more.